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This was the most fun I've ever had on a "vacation" but then again I did spend it with just my boyfriend and was not forced to do things I didn't want to do and take our time. So man Idaho was fantastic ; the people, the atmosphere, the weather REAL WEATHER, the community just everything! Like I was scared of course that they would be like "eww California people" but Cameron and I were being are true selves aka polite. And there was diversity; I wasn't the only POC as my mom thought and there were ALOT of Mexican restaurants which was funny, I guess they like the food? It seemed so fast yet so slow. Boise was so energizing; I felt so positive there. People and me included think Boise / Idaho has nothing that it's a speck on the US but they actually had everything! They even have their own stores of course and unfortunately I couldn't fully experience Fred Meyer's it's like a TJ Max and grocery store combo. And everything connects; the freeway we were already getting use to it and getting to downtown. And of course the biggest news Cameron and I actually got an apartment and are expecting to move in around March 15. It's a cute little place $690 for 2 bedroom apartment.Just wow I can't believe this happening this would never happen/ be able to in California.

A New Year

*sigh* I really hope this year will be a good one in caparison to the start of last year :C but this year I'm excited that Cameron and I will be moving out of state and starting our life together!


Man what a weird way to start off the day, go over to Rob's (the dad) and see that someone took the space for parking so I had to get it valet and got to his house a little late since his apartment is far from where you drop off the car. Then Gabby answers the door (another nanny). I was confused cuz last night Rob was saying out loud he needed help so I told him i'd go over and help was already there. Then right before i left to go to Kristy's and help her she texts me saying hey come at 11:30 and it was 9 already so i was like um so I go home and come back and she was yeah i need you at 11:30 till 3:00 and i was ok cool so when of course it was around 10 she says hey can you come later till 5? and if not then you can have the day off and i already told Cameron i'd be home at 3 so i said no but i can still go at 1130 but she was ok bye and i said sorry but hey she told me if it didn't work then i got the day off so i shouldn't be worried xP

10/19 Weekend

Geez this weekend was good and bad ; on Friday night Cameron woke up with the worst back pain and couldn't sleep so he told me Saturday morning and I got bummed out that he couldn't move let alone drive over here because that meant we couldn't go to Kero's birthday celebration even though I told her we were good to go but it came up last second. Also all Friday I had bad diarrhea so I was scared of that. So I went to his house even though my stomach was in knots but I had to be there for him and poor thing took forever to even inch he was in such pain and I could feel it. But Sunday was alot better and he came over and barely made it, the whole day we lazed about. Oh yeah and we even made soaps :>

New LJ

Welp I made a new LJ since I hated seeing MeowNyow and I really want to try and use LJ again and not look at my derpy old journals about a certain someone XP


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